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" I’m not surprised that you don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, I just don’t think that very many people, especially your age, would be able to keep up with you. You know you are and you know what you want to do. Your eyes light up when you talk about your passions, and you’re not afraid to defy social norms and be who you are. And all this, this scares people. "

- The best compliment I’ve ever received (via lifebykyla)

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i was literally about to cry and trying not to pee. this is the best video ever.

honestly. i promise. watch it. please. you’ll love it. seriously.

holy fucking shit

I almost peed my pants. I ran to the bathroom to avoid that fate.


For those of my followers who haven’t seen this.


one of my favourite videos of all time

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do you ever just wonder if there’s someone who secretly thinks about you and wants to talk to you but doesn’t know how

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“why dont you just talk to the person you like?”

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feel free to unfollow if you:


  • don’t like me
  • liked me at one point, but don’t like me anymore
  • hate what i post
  • hate what i have to say about xyz topic
  • find me annoying
  • don’t have anything in common with me anymore, and are bored by the things i post
  • feel obligated by whatever personal reason you may have to keep following me, even if literally any of those above things apply

this applies to mutuals as well. your dash should be your happy place, so no hard feelings and i wish you the best in life

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I found my senior quote.

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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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heyyy, i'm sorry to bother you and probably ruin your mood but it's been a month since i moved to college, and i'm getting really homesick and desperate for attention because i haven't made any friends yet and i'm crying so much. how do i make friends? how do i stop being sad? i'm so lost, i shouldn't even be here

Asked by Anonymous


Hey cutie, you’re never bothering :) 

first of all, do you like what you are studying? is it what you want? what fullfills you and makes you happy? Cause when it is it’s worth hanging in there, right?

secondly do you still have contact to your frineds and family at home? I think you can also always talk with them!

so now, you’re sitting in front of your laptop maybe? straighten your back, lady and sit straight up, put your hair behind your ears and keep that chin up! And now smile and let your inner queen shine!

and tomorrow when you’re walking around you’re gonna do the same and look people in the eyes, hit them with your radiant smile right in the face(in a positive way ou know?) look, how many will smile back to you, remember that you all on your own made these poeple smile, isn’t that amazing? 

show them that you are open for talks, chats or anything, dont hide, queens dont hide away right? maybe someone is already approaching you, saying hello (see what your amazing smile can do!) say hello back and even smile more and ask how they are and then listen! It’s surprising how much people tell you when you just listen. and when they ask how you are dont just say you’re fine, open up, even a little, you wanna be friends with that person? act like it! 

no one has said hi yet? say hello yourself! try it out! you will get smiles and hellos back, how awesome is that?

and there you’re walking a smiling queen, who has made people happy today. look at you, you’re glowing from the inside, radiating light and sunshine, sending your smile all over the campus reaching someone face. someone who is sad, but who smiles back. for the first time this day. 

do you see what amazing things you can do? You’re a strong beautiful warrior and I believe in you and things will get better and one year from today you will sit among your friends and you will laugh together and you wont even think about this time anymore!

Hope this will help you! hugs xx

" The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing. "

- Yasmin Mogahed (via tierdropp)

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